Friday, October 25, 2019

The things we normally do...

Who cares...?  
What affect will it have...?
How will anything I do or say make a difference to anyone...?  
Have you ever felt that way?  Here I sit in the corner of a room and write what I am led to...but why?
God has a way of answering those questions...IF we will only listen.

Going about the busy day,

so many things to do;
the cars, they keep on coming, 
we do our best to get them through!
Then one of them asks if I write
these words that I send out;
it comes from one so unexpected,

It's but a confirmation of

the calling on my life!
For God is moving through these words,
'midst all the grief and strife
that daily living can become
in such a busy place!
Being used to touch another--
and it's all done through His grace!

Are you doing your best to press on

in life so very busy?
Let the same not get to you,
do not get down or dizzy!
Just know that He's at work in you 
as you press on ahead!
You are a tool inside his hand,
You're chosen, priceless and led!

Never give up.  Never take for granted who and what you are in the hands of God!  He can do more with you and through you than you could ever imagine!  LET HIM!


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