Friday, October 11, 2019

The Sights of Season

Rising early.  An appointment several hours away.  The Lord sees to it, however, that those miles are never boring and ALWAYS beautiful!

The river--it is cloaked by water

of another type.
The same ablaze with autumn glory,
now so very ripe!
Meandering through hills and valleys
as it goes its way...
Creator God alive so early
doing life HIS way!

None to argue with Him in

the silence of the sight--
only to enjoy His handiwork
with great delight!
The quill to even slow to savor
trademarks of the time;
vocabulary to exist, though:
rhythm into rhyme!

"Thank You once again for making

autumn glory, Lord!
For o so long the poet has,
Your handiwork, adored!
And You NEVER fail providing
source of inspiration,
like the sights of season being
without hesitation!"

The drive ahead is lengthy, but God makes sure His signature is rife along the route ahead.  Are there signs of the season where you are?  Don't forget to glorify the one Who created those!


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