Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Sweet Reward

Ahhh…day is done.  Got a lot done.  Saw a lot of people.  Took care them as best we could.  Now, to escape to that haven He has waiting...

As thunderstorms begin moving in,
the autumn leaves fall faster once again...
as temperatures cannot make up their mind,
a place of sweet assurance do I find!
That place where God and I, we always meet--
for it is here that, once more, I'm made complete!
No matter what the day may have contained...
regardless what I have or have not gained...
in this place I obtain everything once more,
as He meets me here, His very touch to restore!

Yea, the present storm--so glorious to view!
The rain's aroma--once more makes all things new!
And His visitation--it never is the same!
And praise--it goes to Him and to His name!
Regardless how the busy day has gone,
He arrives, and it becomes a phenomenon!
Refreshing, restoring everything that was spent,
and being Everything that He was meant!
This perfect place inside the storm with God,
the heart and soul and spirit to applaud!

Find that place for yourself in this life!  He avails to anyone that will make time for Him.  He is God.  He is good.  And He is available for you...no matter who you are or what kind of day you've had!

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