Sunday, October 27, 2019


Life is good!  Never forget that.  But there are struggles here, and there is definitely something better There!!

The struggles--they are real,
no matter how some feel;
no level of 'belief'
makes one immune from grief.
As long as life is here
the trial--it is near;
to some, so hard that sounds,
but it has Truthful grounds!

The struggles--for such is life.

But not ALL is grief and strife!
For balance is obtained
when Jesus Christ is gained!
For He provides great hope
and enables us to cope
and even to succeed--
for He has what we need!
As we become His Own
and make our struggles known
He goes to every length
to assure and give us strength!
For the trials of the day
He is the Perfect Way
to rise and overcome--
HIS victory the sum!!

Yes, struggles will come and go

until that Trumpet blow;
but Christ inside the heart
is endurance to impart!
And VICTORY is settled so
as long as Christ we know!
We may struggle until the end,
but we'll do so with a Friend!

Yes, we WILL struggle, but we will not do it alone as long as we have Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord!  The struggles are temporary, but His victory is everlasting!!  Hang in there, my friend!


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