Saturday, October 19, 2019


We are all part of life here and now.  There is, however, life that is yet to be, and there is a good and bad about it!  However, until that time, He avails abundant living to them that call out to him and give Him their hearts!  Are YOU one of them?

There is victory in spite of every day!

There is life--regardless what others may say!
There is hope, even when it cannot be felt!
And there is prosperity, no matter what we're dealt!

Yes, there is LIFE--and it will NOT come to an end.
The TYPE of life is up to you, my friend!
Life in Paradise comes but One Way:
Jesus Christ--alive in heart to stay!
The other life?  It surely does abound;
and all around the world can it be found!
But Straight and Narrow is the righteous path
that so enables joy, and escape from wrath!
Such Life--it is in Jesus Christ alone.
And He wants YOU to become his very own!
And it's not only to escape the wrath ahead,
but His life, even HERE, keeps you from being dead!
So take of His life today, o friend of mine!
Assume your position in His divine design!
For you have a settled purpose and a calling!
Let NO lie of the enemy become your falling!

Yes, there is life.  Abundant life.  And it is designed for even YOU!  God most High made provision for it.  Jesus Christ completed that purpose, and it will be available to you until that Trumpet Blast!

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