Friday, October 18, 2019

Pressing on with Hope!

Life goes on.  Day in, day out.  We go about those days doing what we must to press on.  We do NOT, however, press on without Hope...

In realms afar that we can fathom not,

activities go on defying thought!
Angels come and go and carry on...
we shall join them there when we are gone!

However, in the meantime, labor waits!

Though we are mindful of those jeweled gates,
He has a purpose for each and every one;
and He won't come until that work is done!

So labor ye, my brother, with a song!

Knowing that Paradise--it won't be long!
And plenty be there to do for Him 'til then:
we must live Jesus in the sight of all men!
Loving them, giving, caring, listening, too;
for each of them has got a different view...
some, they have no vision yet at all,
for such as them, we answer His Great Call!
We are commissioned by the Greatest Power
to love, to share, to warn until that hour!
THEN to see Him, coming in the skies
for all of them, His grace, to recognize!

O be ye of that number, my good friends!

His Blood--it is the only thing to cleanse
and guarantee that place in Paradise!
No other ANYTHING will ever suffice!

The day and the hour no man knows.  That is a settled truth.  We are, however, to be ready as if it were going to be today!

Are YOU ready?

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