Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Precious Hope Once More!

Life.  Once again, it makes its presence known in the way we feel and the things that we are seeing.  We are admonished, however, not to lose hope of that which awaits us, and not get weary in well doing.
How well are YOU doing at that?

Looking now beyond the sights that are,
at something o so real and, yet, too far!
It's something that some will someday realize:
that Paradise He has beyond the skies!
There are no trials or struggles in that Place;
it's filled with good things He provides by grace!
But the greatest 'thing' that is awaiting there
is the Presence of Him--found no other 'where!'

Heaven--it is closer than ever before!

We read of it; we get brief 'glimpses' of that shore;
But in that time that's just beyond our own,
the reality of perfection, it is known!
So we press on--prospering...suffering...living...
knowing of The Truth He keeps on giving!
And knowing that only 'good' things will remain
when that Trumpet Blast transports us to that vein!

Yea, look beyond the situations of 'today.'

Know that this life is but a temporary stay!
Knowing that He is fully aware of all;
and we are sealed because of His Blood's call!
Pressing on in what He's called you until that time,
that more may join us in that glorious climb!
It may not be such a 'glorious' journey here,
but there is great reward for ALL who persevere!

No, it is NOT all glory here.  But it's not all evil, either.  God provides balance to them that give him their hearts so that we will not lose hope until That Day!  Be ye of that number, won't you?


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