Monday, October 14, 2019

Our Word

Once again, I find myself being led to write about the things that we do and say to each other, even to ourselves?
May we be ever-mindful that those words are backed with truth, as we are surely in a world where 'truth' is a disappearing concern.

"O check my heart but constantly, Lord,

in the days that are.
The times and seasons reek of falsehood,
and 'truth' remains so far!
Lies become the vessel used
to prosper and advance,
while 'honesty' becomes ignored,
not even given chance!

Why is it, Lord, so easy for us

to practice such an art?
The more we do so, Lord, more seared
becomes the very heart
until no heart at all remains
in what we do or say!
But God, You said the such would be
much closer to That Day!
And not just in high places be
a tragedy as such;
the same, a part of daily living--
happening too much!
O God, return even Your very Own
to a more 'honest' place,
that we would be defenders of
Your mercy and Your grace!"

Lying to get ahead...lying to advance...lying?  No way!  That's too strong a word!  Maybe 'stretching the truth...'  Yea, that's a bit more 'politically correct.'


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