Sunday, October 13, 2019

"Oh, they're only words..."

So has become the attitude of the world of late.  Unfortunately, it be found even amongst them that claim to be God's people...

Why has it become so convenient to say
what people WANT to hear?
The ease at which 'untruth' is spoken
no longer strikes any fear!
BUT GOD, He still requires the same
when our mouths open up;
and 'grace' is not escape from 'truth'
with Him with Whom we sup!

Every word proceeding from us

will be weighed some day,
and we will give to Him account
of EVERY word we say!
Does that deter us yet at all
in a world that craves 'success?'
For there is but ONE language that
will cause our Lord to bless!
And TRUTH--it is not popular,
but it's required of us;
even when it may hurt someone
or cause best of friends to fuss!
We see the same at every level
and within every class;
WE must DECIDE to speak the truth
in spite of what might amass!

And if we belong Him, Holy Spirit is right there to check our hearts and remind us of our words.  Be a person of integrity.  Guard your lips, speak truth, and stand behind your words!


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