Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Just a 'normal' day?'

Progress...turmoil...busyness...confusion...all part of the day--almost everyone's day.  However, there is also availed to us and assurance available for EVERYONE...not just 'almost everyone!'  Do YOU know where that comes from?

"You make the very days in which

we breathe and move and live.
Regardless what goes on in them,
such perfect gifts You give!
It's up to every one of us
to reach out and receive;
ignoring those most priceless gifts
is why we scrape and grieve!
For You have made the perfect day--
the good...the bad...the great;
and it is up to every man
to rise and celebrate!
Not everything that's happening
is worth that celebration,
what IS though, Lord, is that, with You,
we can have relation!
And that makes Every day that comes,
regardless of content,
worthy of our time and effort
to be rightly spent!

Therefore, oh Lord, we celebrate

the 'wondrous' and the 'norm,'
as we, but more and more each day,
unto Your will, conform,
knowing that the 'perfect' day
is waiting just ahead
for them that press on with Your hope,
for them, Lord, Spirit-led!"

'Just another day.'  NEVER!  Each day that we have to live in has its own blessings.  We may have to put effort into finding them on some days, but they are there!  Never lose sight of that, and NEVER lose hope or give up!


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