Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Jesus so Real!

Not necessarily "Jesus surreal."
Going along with my day...getting done the 'everyday...' when, out of the blue, I turn and see

With nothing that can be explained

The Lord comes to my side.
The emotions and the feelings
are intensified!
I hadn't even called His Name
as, onward, I endured,
yet here He is, right with me now,
and saying "Rest assured!"
It is no special situation,
that I'm going through...
and circumstances that abound,
for they are nothing new...
yet here is Jesus, BEING with me
in all things that are;
blessed reassurance that
He NEVER is afar!

No matter what you're going through,

no matter who you are,
The Lord wants You to know He's with you,
with or without life ajar!
He never gives up on his own,
He is aware of all!
Hold tightly to the sweet assurance
of His holy call!

Jesus Christ is so REAL.  He lives in ways that we understand, ways that are REAL.  Never, though, consider Him to be 'the norm' or take Him for granted!  For you and I all know that He is greater than that and deserves more than that.  However, so many I have met lately have considered him to be 'untouchable' or too great for them to have, but that is not my God at all!  Yes, He is Omnipotent and Almighty, but He is also appropriate, available and present.  Enjoy Him at all times!

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