Sunday, October 20, 2019

It's NOT the building!

Sunday morning.  So beautiful.  Made even more beautiful as we gather together in His Name in His house.  May we NEVER lose such passion...even though there be MUCH attempting to steal it away!

Once more, that precious haven of His house!
It be a sanctuary of retreat!
Is it a place of people of perfection?
Is it a structure grand and obsolete?
NO!  It be that Place where God is present!
Sometimes, it is not even a 'building' at all!
It is that place where two or more be gathered
to seek His face in answer to his call.
And, sometimes, it is the solitude of 'nowhere,'
beholding the mighty workings of His hand;
oh, but this day, it be that sanctuary
where we gather together to further understand.

"O thank You for Your Presence in this building.

We are so blessed, Lord, that You have met us here!
We welcome You, bring gifts and seek Your Presence,
and desire that Your Spirit meet us here!
So let it be, Lord, but every time we gather
loving, giving, caring, reaching out.
For such purposes have You designed this 'building.'
We meet You here with expectancy and no doubt!"

No, it is NOT the building.  We are NOT, however, to "...forsake the assembling of ourselves."  For such is a vital, living part of our relationship with God and each other!

Savor that time together with God...wherever it may be.

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