Thursday, October 3, 2019

I have a Hope!

THE Hope.  His Name is Jesus, and He wants even you...

I have a Hope to which I dearly cling.
He makes the very depths of me to sing!
In spite of situations in this life,
that Hope, He overwhelms all pain and strife!

I have a Hope, and JESUS is His Name!
He is available for ALL to claim!
He knows everything about you anyway,
why not give your heart to Him this day?

That Hope--for God availed unto ALL Him 
knowing that some times would be so dim;
knowing that each one would need a Way
to overcome the life of everyday,
and knowing we could not get There on our own--
that Land eternal there before His throne!
So Jesus came--the One and only Key
to be with God throughout eternity!
And the only One to KNOW each part of life:
the up and down, the grief, the joy, the strife--
He goes through it with us that we may prevail.
I have a Hope, and He WILL NOT ever fail!

Do YOU have that Hope too?  You can!  It is certainly the prayer of this writer that you will invite That Hope into your own heart!  He makes all the difference in this world...and the next!

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