Friday, October 4, 2019

His last tactics

No matter what we see or hear 'on the news,' GOD WINS!  Until then, however, the enemy will do all he can to convince men otherwise.  Don't fall for it!

There be division rampant;

the same ought not to be.
For He would have a family
complete with apathy!
Addition and subtraction would
HE do amongst His Own;
for in THIS way, He sees to it
His family is grown!

What is it that 'divides' us?

The tools of our great foe!
And vigilant must we become
that such we come to know!
Lest we fall victim to the antics
of the enemy,
steadfast in God's Word but daily
must we ever be!

The end is fast approaching.

The time--for it is near!
We CANNOT panic and fall victim
to any fleeting fear!
For such to be the greatest tool
the enemy will use.
Stand fast.  Fight The Good Fight, yes,
and we will persevere!

The enemy is very hard at work.  BUT GOD has equipped us with tools much greater than the enemy can stand. USE THEM DAILY!  The Bible, Holy Spirit and prayer will see us to victory over ANY adversity!


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