Saturday, October 5, 2019

His 'Distractions'

In spite of events, in spite of pain, in spite of all those things the enemy may throw at us, God has something beautiful for us. Just look around...

Once more, the tapestry unfolds

with colors and with shades...
It differs so at every hour,
and verbiage it evades!
When the poet captures it,
it changes yet once more!
The glory and the majesty
for vision to adore!

The seasons come and go with splendor

none may duplicate!
One alone, Creator God,
such wonder to create!
He paints at will across the acres
all throughout the day--
leaving the insatiable quill
with endless words to say!

So needed and appreciated

is His touch always.
He transforms and elevates
the lousiest of days!
Just by opening the eyes
of them that will allow.
Escape YOUR day and look around:
His graces to endow!

No matter how the day matter what does or does not happen...God can use His creation to transform it into something with GOOD memories.  Be aware of His touch at all times.  Don't miss His glory!


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