Thursday, October 17, 2019


God is so good.  God is so great!  Who can know the true measure of His love, affection, protection and provision?  Such will never be known in THIS life!

"Great and mighty, absolute,
superior You are!
Your might and power, o my God,
surpass all so by far!
O when will be the day that men
will come to realize
that You rule over everything,
and NOT from beyond the skies!
For You are omnipresent as
You rule and oversee.
You cause the ones who recognize you
to know victory!
You make blessings flow, even
when we can't see a source;
to explain such otherwise--
there be no true recourse!

Yes, You are The One Provider and

The Giver of all gifts!
Your wisdom and discerning--throughout
every heart, it sifts
to find the TRUE believers and
to bless them without measure!
God Most High, relationship with You
shall we ALWAYS treasure!"

Yes, blessed are them that love the Lord and know Him as their Savior.  Such is settled truth!  However, I can see His hand of blessing as I look back to those days BEFORE I came to know Him as such!  What a merciful God we serve!!


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