Wednesday, October 30, 2019

End Times

There is Paradise that is waiting!  It is filled with treasures that only He can give, The Father, Son and Holy Spirit, loved ones that have gone on before us, and things too wonderful for our earthly minds to grasp!  But we are not there proven to us each day as we but look around...

The terrors and disasters of this place...

the unspeakable that brings the Lord disgrace...
the tragedies that seem to strike at will...
"Oh God, of such, we've surely had our fill!
Therefore, Lord, yet again our hearts cry out
for You to split the skies with Trump and Shout!
For You to finally say 'It is enough!!'
Come quickly, Lord.  Not all of us are tough!
The times are tough--for this we find so true!
But strength and solace do we find IN YOU!
And IN YOU we shall press on to That Day
when You receive us to Yourself for aye!
We do so, Jesus, in all that You provide
as You dwell so abundantly inside
the hearts of them inviting You within,
by asking that You forgive us of our sin!

Upon the just and the unjust, Lord, alike,
the events of living in this place will strike.
BUT GOD, the ones belonging unto You
shall persevere, shall prosper and see through!
So is the awesome truth and proven vow!
And them that call upon You and serve You now 
shall even be enabled to assist
the ones about that do nothing but 'exist.'

O thank You for Your hand, Your help, Your all
that You have given so there would be a 'call.'
The same--it is the only way to survive
this living and, into the next, arrive!"

Again, we find ourselves counting our blessings as we look around us...listen to our loved ones afar...and see images too vivid on the news!
"Father God, please be with those who are in the midst of the terrors and perils that living in this world can afflict.  Please protect them, heal them and help to recover from the pain and loss of the events that are happening in so many places.
In JESUS' Name,

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