Monday, October 28, 2019


Trouble.  Troubles.  Troubled.
If we are not going through any of the above now, it's but a matter of time.  But what will we do then?  It all depends on Who we know NOW.

"So much is going on around,
regardless of the place.
Regardless of severity,
sufficient be Your grace!
There are troubles in high places as
You said that there would be,
but troubles even plague the lives.
oh lord, of such as we!
BUT GOD, You are the answer to
the troubles that arise!
Your Own be not immune from them
lest any man denies!
But grace--oh, Your abundant grace
for it will see us through;
and sufficient are the wonders that
Your love for us can do!

The world--it is troubled, and
it will be 'til the end;
but life is glorious, and we
shall live and not rescind!
You told us such would be, oh Lord,
and THEN will come the end!
We press on THROUGH the troubles, knowing
that we shall ascend!"

Yes, trial and trouble shall be all throughout this earthly life.  Jesus Christ will never leave us nor forsake us regardless of the severity of said troubles.  And He will make sure that 'trouble' is only a fraction of this wonder we call 'life!'  Don't lose sight of the wonder, regardless of whatever 'troubles' may be occurring!

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