Sunday, October 6, 2019


The mere mention of that word conjures visions of desert...wasteland...emptiness.  However, 'desolation' is not always a 'place.'  Sometimes, it is a state of mind or a 'feeling' of the heart.
BUT GOD...but God loves us so much that He makes sure 'desolation' is reserved for landscapes, not lives...regardless what 'feelings' say!

We have a Father Who knows all--
invisible or not;
He even knows the feelings and
emotions that we've got;
He's well aware of loneliness
and emptiness of heart,
thus He has got a bounty and
abundance to impart!
A surplus of acceptance, love,
compassion, care and grace;
and He withholds it from no one
who cries out to His face!
And that which he provides can't be
obtained another place;
it is reserved to them that call Him--
He's right there to embrace!

Have you known that desolation?
Do you know it now?
It's a façade! He's right beside!
His Presence to endow!
He has embrace for even you
no matter what your state!
O give your heart to Him and,
His abundance, celebrate!

Too many are hurting.  Too many are in a pain of loneliness or rejection that feels like no one else understands--a place of desolation.  But God knows that feeling well, and He has the Perfect Healing for it!  Tell Him about it.  Tell anyone about it and let us introduce you to Him Who destroys such desolation!  His name is JESUS!

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