Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Called to love

Called to love.
That is the calling of all who are born again.  But just how 'good' are we at it?  Oh, there are plenty of 'talents' that we are skilled at using, but what about 'love?'

Oh, the love that Jesus has for all!

The same, should it not be part of OUR call?
He loves us fully, in spite of ANY spot;
is that the same kind of love that WE have got?
By being His Own, we are to emulate Him here.
"To love them as Jesus would," this is clear;
but just how far do we go to do such?
Such query, the very depths of us, should touch!
Of a truth, there are some that are 'difficult' to love.
The same, off to the side, we try to shove
when THEY are the very ones we should embrace!
'O grant me, even more Lord, Your sweet grace
that I would be Yourself unto the same,
that even they would, someday, bless Your Name!

The greatest of commands that You gave us all--

the very same to be our very call!
Therefore, no matter who may come across the path,
may we possess towards them not any wrath;
rather, may they see Yourself in us and all around,
causing Your great mercy and salvation to be found!'

Yes,  so we are called...TO LOVE!  No matter who, what, when or where, Jesus is to be seen, felt and heard in us so that others be drawn to Him.  Are YOU up to such a calling?


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