Saturday, October 12, 2019

Another Waiting Room

One more day in this temporary life.  One more place hoping, praying that an answer will be found to this.  However, we DO have assurances!

In an office, waiting for 
what some day soon will be no more!
For soon we'll be completely whole,
says Him Who heals and saves the soul!
For now, though, as long as life decays,
these bodies--they all have their ways;
BUT GOD--He has a life and place
where perfection be combined with grace,
and we will live forevermore
with Him upon that golden Shore!
No more sicknesses, no more disease,
just Paradise with Him at ease,
being that which HE has planned--
what we do not yet understand!
For now, though, as we tarry so,
we have assurance He does know
the what, the where, the how, the why;
and He gives us peace to satisfy!

In a doctor's office far away from home.  Waiting.  Knowing, HOPING that an answer will be found...for the moment.  Ahhh, but we have HIS precious assurance to which we cling that Jesus is aware of it all...and it is TEMPORARY.  God is eternal, what He has is eternal, and He does not want any of us to lose sight of matter how much it may hurt!


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