Thursday, October 31, 2019

Joy So Necessary!

Everlasting joy.
Oh, there are many sources of 'joy' in this life, but there is only ONE that is eternal.  It comes from God, and it is so needed in the days that are!

"How can assembled letters in

a line with verse or rhyme
contain the joy that You provide
to us at any time?!
Your joy, oh Lord, transcends all
situations in this life--
it overwhelms in tragedy,
and it trumps every strife!

Joy unspeakable, full of glory,

know we as we live
and go about the blest 'routine'
to each of us You give!
And so beyond 'routine' be life
with You inside the heart!
As perfect is the blest provision
You constantly impart!

Maybe words and verses has

this man for to recite,
but may they communicate Your joy
unto a seeking heart!
Too many see I every day
that need the joy You give!
So is the calling you've given me
that others may so live!" 

Know such joy in your own life, in your own heart, for all time!  His Name is Jesus Christ, His joy is not to be compared with anything, and it is yours for the asking!

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

End Times

There is Paradise that is waiting!  It is filled with treasures that only He can give, The Father, Son and Holy Spirit, loved ones that have gone on before us, and things too wonderful for our earthly minds to grasp!  But we are not there proven to us each day as we but look around...

The terrors and disasters of this place...

the unspeakable that brings the Lord disgrace...
the tragedies that seem to strike at will...
"Oh God, of such, we've surely had our fill!
Therefore, Lord, yet again our hearts cry out
for You to split the skies with Trump and Shout!
For You to finally say 'It is enough!!'
Come quickly, Lord.  Not all of us are tough!
The times are tough--for this we find so true!
But strength and solace do we find IN YOU!
And IN YOU we shall press on to That Day
when You receive us to Yourself for aye!
We do so, Jesus, in all that You provide
as You dwell so abundantly inside
the hearts of them inviting You within,
by asking that You forgive us of our sin!

Upon the just and the unjust, Lord, alike,
the events of living in this place will strike.
BUT GOD, the ones belonging unto You
shall persevere, shall prosper and see through!
So is the awesome truth and proven vow!
And them that call upon You and serve You now 
shall even be enabled to assist
the ones about that do nothing but 'exist.'

O thank You for Your hand, Your help, Your all
that You have given so there would be a 'call.'
The same--it is the only way to survive
this living and, into the next, arrive!"

Again, we find ourselves counting our blessings as we look around us...listen to our loved ones afar...and see images too vivid on the news!
"Father God, please be with those who are in the midst of the terrors and perils that living in this world can afflict.  Please protect them, heal them and help to recover from the pain and loss of the events that are happening in so many places.
In JESUS' Name,

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Precious Hope Once More!

Life.  Once again, it makes its presence known in the way we feel and the things that we are seeing.  We are admonished, however, not to lose hope of that which awaits us, and not get weary in well doing.
How well are YOU doing at that?

Looking now beyond the sights that are,
at something o so real and, yet, too far!
It's something that some will someday realize:
that Paradise He has beyond the skies!
There are no trials or struggles in that Place;
it's filled with good things He provides by grace!
But the greatest 'thing' that is awaiting there
is the Presence of Him--found no other 'where!'

Heaven--it is closer than ever before!

We read of it; we get brief 'glimpses' of that shore;
But in that time that's just beyond our own,
the reality of perfection, it is known!
So we press
knowing of The Truth He keeps on giving!
And knowing that only 'good' things will remain
when that Trumpet Blast transports us to that vein!

Yea, look beyond the situations of 'today.'

Know that this life is but a temporary stay!
Knowing that He is fully aware of all;
and we are sealed because of His Blood's call!
Pressing on in what He's called you until that time,
that more may join us in that glorious climb!
It may not be such a 'glorious' journey here,
but there is great reward for ALL who persevere!

No, it is NOT all glory here.  But it's not all evil, either.  God provides balance to them that give him their hearts so that we will not lose hope until That Day!  Be ye of that number, won't you?


Monday, October 28, 2019


Trouble.  Troubles.  Troubled.
If we are not going through any of the above now, it's but a matter of time.  But what will we do then?  It all depends on Who we know NOW.

"So much is going on around,
regardless of the place.
Regardless of severity,
sufficient be Your grace!
There are troubles in high places as
You said that there would be,
but troubles even plague the lives.
oh lord, of such as we!
BUT GOD, You are the answer to
the troubles that arise!
Your Own be not immune from them
lest any man denies!
But grace--oh, Your abundant grace
for it will see us through;
and sufficient are the wonders that
Your love for us can do!

The world--it is troubled, and
it will be 'til the end;
but life is glorious, and we
shall live and not rescind!
You told us such would be, oh Lord,
and THEN will come the end!
We press on THROUGH the troubles, knowing
that we shall ascend!"

Yes, trial and trouble shall be all throughout this earthly life.  Jesus Christ will never leave us nor forsake us regardless of the severity of said troubles.  And He will make sure that 'trouble' is only a fraction of this wonder we call 'life!'  Don't lose sight of the wonder, regardless of whatever 'troubles' may be occurring!

Sunday, October 27, 2019


Life is good!  Never forget that.  But there are struggles here, and there is definitely something better There!!

The struggles--they are real,
no matter how some feel;
no level of 'belief'
makes one immune from grief.
As long as life is here
the trial--it is near;
to some, so hard that sounds,
but it has Truthful grounds!

The struggles--for such is life.

But not ALL is grief and strife!
For balance is obtained
when Jesus Christ is gained!
For He provides great hope
and enables us to cope
and even to succeed--
for He has what we need!
As we become His Own
and make our struggles known
He goes to every length
to assure and give us strength!
For the trials of the day
He is the Perfect Way
to rise and overcome--
HIS victory the sum!!

Yes, struggles will come and go

until that Trumpet blow;
but Christ inside the heart
is endurance to impart!
And VICTORY is settled so
as long as Christ we know!
We may struggle until the end,
but we'll do so with a Friend!

Yes, we WILL struggle, but we will not do it alone as long as we have Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord!  The struggles are temporary, but His victory is everlasting!!  Hang in there, my friend!


Saturday, October 26, 2019

To That Restful Place

Escaping the labors once again.  The duties that were so enjoyed are over, time to relax.  However, there is a bit of a drive ahead...

The sky beyond the avenues.
(with buildings o so far!)
begins to fade, revealing night
so rife with countless star!
And even as the day is waning
business is robust!
The city--does it ever sleep?
'Twill always be discussed.

But I escape the city as

the duties come to end,
unto a quieter, darker place
riding with my Friend.
Jesus, He is right beside
at any and all time,
overseeing ALL of life,
regardless of the climb!

The company of Jesus--

what a blessing, what a gift!
Throughout the everyday of life,
so constant be His lift!
And even on a simple drive
the words that are between

make such a difference in this life,
so many ways unseen!

A very busy day indeed.  AND enjoyable.  But time now has come to go to where there is restoration.  Each person MUST find such a place, or life will grow old very quickly.  God helps prevent such in so many ways.  Take advantage of them!


Friday, October 25, 2019

The things we normally do...

Who cares...?  
What affect will it have...?
How will anything I do or say make a difference to anyone...?  
Have you ever felt that way?  Here I sit in the corner of a room and write what I am led to...but why?
God has a way of answering those questions...IF we will only listen.

Going about the busy day,

so many things to do;
the cars, they keep on coming, 
we do our best to get them through!
Then one of them asks if I write
these words that I send out;
it comes from one so unexpected,

It's but a confirmation of

the calling on my life!
For God is moving through these words,
'midst all the grief and strife
that daily living can become
in such a busy place!
Being used to touch another--
and it's all done through His grace!

Are you doing your best to press on

in life so very busy?
Let the same not get to you,
do not get down or dizzy!
Just know that He's at work in you 
as you press on ahead!
You are a tool inside his hand,
You're chosen, priceless and led!

Never give up.  Never take for granted who and what you are in the hands of God!  He can do more with you and through you than you could ever imagine!  LET HIM!


Thursday, October 24, 2019

Life is Good!

Living life.  Life is good.  It's not perfect, but it is good!  We must keep that in mind and heart as we face challenges that arise in this gift called "life."

Pressing on unto That Day ahead

where all is perfect, just as He has said!
There be no struggle there of any kind!
He tells me stay strong e'er in heart and mind!
And until we are in that Perfect Place,
sufficient be His provision through His grace!
He knows the trial and test of every day,
thus He makes great provision every way!
For even when the day would take its toll,
The Lord, He is right there to make me whole
providing what this world cannot provide;
them that are His shall NEVER be denied!
There is NOTHING like His restoration touch!
Not ever will be taken for granted such!
O keep trusting, pressing on as we are led--
For God, He is aware, and He's The Head!

Yes, there are many kinds of days in this life.  And each of us must go through them.  But He will never leave us, forsake us or leave us comfortless!  Cling to the assurances that He provides.  He NEVER fails!


Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Called to love

Called to love.
That is the calling of all who are born again.  But just how 'good' are we at it?  Oh, there are plenty of 'talents' that we are skilled at using, but what about 'love?'

Oh, the love that Jesus has for all!

The same, should it not be part of OUR call?
He loves us fully, in spite of ANY spot;
is that the same kind of love that WE have got?
By being His Own, we are to emulate Him here.
"To love them as Jesus would," this is clear;
but just how far do we go to do such?
Such query, the very depths of us, should touch!
Of a truth, there are some that are 'difficult' to love.
The same, off to the side, we try to shove
when THEY are the very ones we should embrace!
'O grant me, even more Lord, Your sweet grace
that I would be Yourself unto the same,
that even they would, someday, bless Your Name!

The greatest of commands that You gave us all--

the very same to be our very call!
Therefore, no matter who may come across the path,
may we possess towards them not any wrath;
rather, may they see Yourself in us and all around,
causing Your great mercy and salvation to be found!'

Yes,  so we are called...TO LOVE!  No matter who, what, when or where, Jesus is to be seen, felt and heard in us so that others be drawn to Him.  Are YOU up to such a calling?


Sunday, October 20, 2019

It's NOT the building!

Sunday morning.  So beautiful.  Made even more beautiful as we gather together in His Name in His house.  May we NEVER lose such passion...even though there be MUCH attempting to steal it away!

Once more, that precious haven of His house!
It be a sanctuary of retreat!
Is it a place of people of perfection?
Is it a structure grand and obsolete?
NO!  It be that Place where God is present!
Sometimes, it is not even a 'building' at all!
It is that place where two or more be gathered
to seek His face in answer to his call.
And, sometimes, it is the solitude of 'nowhere,'
beholding the mighty workings of His hand;
oh, but this day, it be that sanctuary
where we gather together to further understand.

"O thank You for Your Presence in this building.

We are so blessed, Lord, that You have met us here!
We welcome You, bring gifts and seek Your Presence,
and desire that Your Spirit meet us here!
So let it be, Lord, but every time we gather
loving, giving, caring, reaching out.
For such purposes have You designed this 'building.'
We meet You here with expectancy and no doubt!"

No, it is NOT the building.  We are NOT, however, to "...forsake the assembling of ourselves."  For such is a vital, living part of our relationship with God and each other!

Savor that time together with God...wherever it may be.

Saturday, October 19, 2019


We are all part of life here and now.  There is, however, life that is yet to be, and there is a good and bad about it!  However, until that time, He avails abundant living to them that call out to him and give Him their hearts!  Are YOU one of them?

There is victory in spite of every day!

There is life--regardless what others may say!
There is hope, even when it cannot be felt!
And there is prosperity, no matter what we're dealt!

Yes, there is LIFE--and it will NOT come to an end.
The TYPE of life is up to you, my friend!
Life in Paradise comes but One Way:
Jesus Christ--alive in heart to stay!
The other life?  It surely does abound;
and all around the world can it be found!
But Straight and Narrow is the righteous path
that so enables joy, and escape from wrath!
Such Life--it is in Jesus Christ alone.
And He wants YOU to become his very own!
And it's not only to escape the wrath ahead,
but His life, even HERE, keeps you from being dead!
So take of His life today, o friend of mine!
Assume your position in His divine design!
For you have a settled purpose and a calling!
Let NO lie of the enemy become your falling!

Yes, there is life.  Abundant life.  And it is designed for even YOU!  God most High made provision for it.  Jesus Christ completed that purpose, and it will be available to you until that Trumpet Blast!

Friday, October 18, 2019

Pressing on with Hope!

Life goes on.  Day in, day out.  We go about those days doing what we must to press on.  We do NOT, however, press on without Hope...

In realms afar that we can fathom not,

activities go on defying thought!
Angels come and go and carry on...
we shall join them there when we are gone!

However, in the meantime, labor waits!

Though we are mindful of those jeweled gates,
He has a purpose for each and every one;
and He won't come until that work is done!

So labor ye, my brother, with a song!

Knowing that Paradise--it won't be long!
And plenty be there to do for Him 'til then:
we must live Jesus in the sight of all men!
Loving them, giving, caring, listening, too;
for each of them has got a different view...
some, they have no vision yet at all,
for such as them, we answer His Great Call!
We are commissioned by the Greatest Power
to love, to share, to warn until that hour!
THEN to see Him, coming in the skies
for all of them, His grace, to recognize!

O be ye of that number, my good friends!

His Blood--it is the only thing to cleanse
and guarantee that place in Paradise!
No other ANYTHING will ever suffice!

The day and the hour no man knows.  That is a settled truth.  We are, however, to be ready as if it were going to be today!

Are YOU ready?

Thursday, October 17, 2019


God is so good.  God is so great!  Who can know the true measure of His love, affection, protection and provision?  Such will never be known in THIS life!

"Great and mighty, absolute,
superior You are!
Your might and power, o my God,
surpass all so by far!
O when will be the day that men
will come to realize
that You rule over everything,
and NOT from beyond the skies!
For You are omnipresent as
You rule and oversee.
You cause the ones who recognize you
to know victory!
You make blessings flow, even
when we can't see a source;
to explain such otherwise--
there be no true recourse!

Yes, You are The One Provider and

The Giver of all gifts!
Your wisdom and discerning--throughout
every heart, it sifts
to find the TRUE believers and
to bless them without measure!
God Most High, relationship with You
shall we ALWAYS treasure!"

Yes, blessed are them that love the Lord and know Him as their Savior.  Such is settled truth!  However, I can see His hand of blessing as I look back to those days BEFORE I came to know Him as such!  What a merciful God we serve!!


Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Just a 'normal' day?'

Progress...turmoil...busyness...confusion...all part of the day--almost everyone's day.  However, there is also availed to us and assurance available for EVERYONE...not just 'almost everyone!'  Do YOU know where that comes from?

"You make the very days in which

we breathe and move and live.
Regardless what goes on in them,
such perfect gifts You give!
It's up to every one of us
to reach out and receive;
ignoring those most priceless gifts
is why we scrape and grieve!
For You have made the perfect day--
the good...the bad...the great;
and it is up to every man
to rise and celebrate!
Not everything that's happening
is worth that celebration,
what IS though, Lord, is that, with You,
we can have relation!
And that makes Every day that comes,
regardless of content,
worthy of our time and effort
to be rightly spent!

Therefore, oh Lord, we celebrate

the 'wondrous' and the 'norm,'
as we, but more and more each day,
unto Your will, conform,
knowing that the 'perfect' day
is waiting just ahead
for them that press on with Your hope,
for them, Lord, Spirit-led!"

'Just another day.'  NEVER!  Each day that we have to live in has its own blessings.  We may have to put effort into finding them on some days, but they are there!  Never lose sight of that, and NEVER lose hope or give up!


Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Sweet Reward

Ahhh…day is done.  Got a lot done.  Saw a lot of people.  Took care them as best we could.  Now, to escape to that haven He has waiting...

As thunderstorms begin moving in,
the autumn leaves fall faster once again...
as temperatures cannot make up their mind,
a place of sweet assurance do I find!
That place where God and I, we always meet--
for it is here that, once more, I'm made complete!
No matter what the day may have contained...
regardless what I have or have not gained...
in this place I obtain everything once more,
as He meets me here, His very touch to restore!

Yea, the present storm--so glorious to view!
The rain's aroma--once more makes all things new!
And His visitation--it never is the same!
And praise--it goes to Him and to His name!
Regardless how the busy day has gone,
He arrives, and it becomes a phenomenon!
Refreshing, restoring everything that was spent,
and being Everything that He was meant!
This perfect place inside the storm with God,
the heart and soul and spirit to applaud!

Find that place for yourself in this life!  He avails to anyone that will make time for Him.  He is God.  He is good.  And He is available for matter who you are or what kind of day you've had!

Monday, October 14, 2019

Our Word

Once again, I find myself being led to write about the things that we do and say to each other, even to ourselves?
May we be ever-mindful that those words are backed with truth, as we are surely in a world where 'truth' is a disappearing concern.

"O check my heart but constantly, Lord,

in the days that are.
The times and seasons reek of falsehood,
and 'truth' remains so far!
Lies become the vessel used
to prosper and advance,
while 'honesty' becomes ignored,
not even given chance!

Why is it, Lord, so easy for us

to practice such an art?
The more we do so, Lord, more seared
becomes the very heart
until no heart at all remains
in what we do or say!
But God, You said the such would be
much closer to That Day!
And not just in high places be
a tragedy as such;
the same, a part of daily living--
happening too much!
O God, return even Your very Own
to a more 'honest' place,
that we would be defenders of
Your mercy and Your grace!"

Lying to get ahead...lying to advance...lying?  No way!  That's too strong a word!  Maybe 'stretching the truth...'  Yea, that's a bit more 'politically correct.'


Sunday, October 13, 2019

"Oh, they're only words..."

So has become the attitude of the world of late.  Unfortunately, it be found even amongst them that claim to be God's people...

Why has it become so convenient to say
what people WANT to hear?
The ease at which 'untruth' is spoken
no longer strikes any fear!
BUT GOD, He still requires the same
when our mouths open up;
and 'grace' is not escape from 'truth'
with Him with Whom we sup!

Every word proceeding from us

will be weighed some day,
and we will give to Him account
of EVERY word we say!
Does that deter us yet at all
in a world that craves 'success?'
For there is but ONE language that
will cause our Lord to bless!
And TRUTH--it is not popular,
but it's required of us;
even when it may hurt someone
or cause best of friends to fuss!
We see the same at every level
and within every class;
WE must DECIDE to speak the truth
in spite of what might amass!

And if we belong Him, Holy Spirit is right there to check our hearts and remind us of our words.  Be a person of integrity.  Guard your lips, speak truth, and stand behind your words!


Saturday, October 12, 2019

Another Waiting Room

One more day in this temporary life.  One more place hoping, praying that an answer will be found to this.  However, we DO have assurances!

In an office, waiting for 
what some day soon will be no more!
For soon we'll be completely whole,
says Him Who heals and saves the soul!
For now, though, as long as life decays,
these bodies--they all have their ways;
BUT GOD--He has a life and place
where perfection be combined with grace,
and we will live forevermore
with Him upon that golden Shore!
No more sicknesses, no more disease,
just Paradise with Him at ease,
being that which HE has planned--
what we do not yet understand!
For now, though, as we tarry so,
we have assurance He does know
the what, the where, the how, the why;
and He gives us peace to satisfy!

In a doctor's office far away from home.  Waiting.  Knowing, HOPING that an answer will be found...for the moment.  Ahhh, but we have HIS precious assurance to which we cling that Jesus is aware of it all...and it is TEMPORARY.  God is eternal, what He has is eternal, and He does not want any of us to lose sight of matter how much it may hurt!


Friday, October 11, 2019

The Sights of Season

Rising early.  An appointment several hours away.  The Lord sees to it, however, that those miles are never boring and ALWAYS beautiful!

The river--it is cloaked by water

of another type.
The same ablaze with autumn glory,
now so very ripe!
Meandering through hills and valleys
as it goes its way...
Creator God alive so early
doing life HIS way!

None to argue with Him in

the silence of the sight--
only to enjoy His handiwork
with great delight!
The quill to even slow to savor
trademarks of the time;
vocabulary to exist, though:
rhythm into rhyme!

"Thank You once again for making

autumn glory, Lord!
For o so long the poet has,
Your handiwork, adored!
And You NEVER fail providing
source of inspiration,
like the sights of season being
without hesitation!"

The drive ahead is lengthy, but God makes sure His signature is rife along the route ahead.  Are there signs of the season where you are?  Don't forget to glorify the one Who created those!


Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Jesus so Real!

Not necessarily "Jesus surreal."
Going along with my day...getting done the 'everyday...' when, out of the blue, I turn and see

With nothing that can be explained

The Lord comes to my side.
The emotions and the feelings
are intensified!
I hadn't even called His Name
as, onward, I endured,
yet here He is, right with me now,
and saying "Rest assured!"
It is no special situation,
that I'm going through...
and circumstances that abound,
for they are nothing new...
yet here is Jesus, BEING with me
in all things that are;
blessed reassurance that
He NEVER is afar!

No matter what you're going through,

no matter who you are,
The Lord wants You to know He's with you,
with or without life ajar!
He never gives up on his own,
He is aware of all!
Hold tightly to the sweet assurance
of His holy call!

Jesus Christ is so REAL.  He lives in ways that we understand, ways that are REAL.  Never, though, consider Him to be 'the norm' or take Him for granted!  For you and I all know that He is greater than that and deserves more than that.  However, so many I have met lately have considered him to be 'untouchable' or too great for them to have, but that is not my God at all!  Yes, He is Omnipotent and Almighty, but He is also appropriate, available and present.  Enjoy Him at all times!

Monday, October 7, 2019

Where is Beauty?

It's right before my eyes as I stand before the vast valley and soaring mountain range!  But is THAT the only place it can be found...

As the panorama thrills the willing vision,
adoration rises to The King!
Sights that so defy vocabulary
o but daily does Creator God so bring!
But the beauty that is written on the landscape,
the same, for it is written so in lives!
The glory and the majesty we're seeking,
sometimes, inside of people it arrives!
However, it takes effort oft to find it;
other times, it's right before your eyes!
The heart that knows such beauty is availed,
it is THAT heart that will surely realize!

Yes, there is beauty in the people all about us.

And we must understand God puts it there.
And you don't even have to set out on a journey,
for His touch, it is in sight most everywhere!
People helping people every moment,
(so often, is the same done unawares!)
However, it is all so orchestrated
by a God who loves and gives and greatly cares!

Look for that beauty in the folks you come into contact with each day.  It isn't very difficult to find.  We overlook it too often because we are too busy looking for and expecting something else!  

God is everywhere.  His Presence is everywhere...even in the people He puts in our path!

Sunday, October 6, 2019


The mere mention of that word conjures visions of desert...wasteland...emptiness.  However, 'desolation' is not always a 'place.'  Sometimes, it is a state of mind or a 'feeling' of the heart.
BUT GOD...but God loves us so much that He makes sure 'desolation' is reserved for landscapes, not lives...regardless what 'feelings' say!

We have a Father Who knows all--
invisible or not;
He even knows the feelings and
emotions that we've got;
He's well aware of loneliness
and emptiness of heart,
thus He has got a bounty and
abundance to impart!
A surplus of acceptance, love,
compassion, care and grace;
and He withholds it from no one
who cries out to His face!
And that which he provides can't be
obtained another place;
it is reserved to them that call Him--
He's right there to embrace!

Have you known that desolation?
Do you know it now?
It's a fa├žade! He's right beside!
His Presence to endow!
He has embrace for even you
no matter what your state!
O give your heart to Him and,
His abundance, celebrate!

Too many are hurting.  Too many are in a pain of loneliness or rejection that feels like no one else understands--a place of desolation.  But God knows that feeling well, and He has the Perfect Healing for it!  Tell Him about it.  Tell anyone about it and let us introduce you to Him Who destroys such desolation!  His name is JESUS!

Saturday, October 5, 2019

His 'Distractions'

In spite of events, in spite of pain, in spite of all those things the enemy may throw at us, God has something beautiful for us. Just look around...

Once more, the tapestry unfolds

with colors and with shades...
It differs so at every hour,
and verbiage it evades!
When the poet captures it,
it changes yet once more!
The glory and the majesty
for vision to adore!

The seasons come and go with splendor

none may duplicate!
One alone, Creator God,
such wonder to create!
He paints at will across the acres
all throughout the day--
leaving the insatiable quill
with endless words to say!

So needed and appreciated

is His touch always.
He transforms and elevates
the lousiest of days!
Just by opening the eyes
of them that will allow.
Escape YOUR day and look around:
His graces to endow!

No matter how the day matter what does or does not happen...God can use His creation to transform it into something with GOOD memories.  Be aware of His touch at all times.  Don't miss His glory!


Friday, October 4, 2019

His last tactics

No matter what we see or hear 'on the news,' GOD WINS!  Until then, however, the enemy will do all he can to convince men otherwise.  Don't fall for it!

There be division rampant;

the same ought not to be.
For He would have a family
complete with apathy!
Addition and subtraction would
HE do amongst His Own;
for in THIS way, He sees to it
His family is grown!

What is it that 'divides' us?

The tools of our great foe!
And vigilant must we become
that such we come to know!
Lest we fall victim to the antics
of the enemy,
steadfast in God's Word but daily
must we ever be!

The end is fast approaching.

The time--for it is near!
We CANNOT panic and fall victim
to any fleeting fear!
For such to be the greatest tool
the enemy will use.
Stand fast.  Fight The Good Fight, yes,
and we will persevere!

The enemy is very hard at work.  BUT GOD has equipped us with tools much greater than the enemy can stand. USE THEM DAILY!  The Bible, Holy Spirit and prayer will see us to victory over ANY adversity!


Thursday, October 3, 2019

I have a Hope!

THE Hope.  His Name is Jesus, and He wants even you...

I have a Hope to which I dearly cling.
He makes the very depths of me to sing!
In spite of situations in this life,
that Hope, He overwhelms all pain and strife!

I have a Hope, and JESUS is His Name!
He is available for ALL to claim!
He knows everything about you anyway,
why not give your heart to Him this day?

That Hope--for God availed unto ALL Him 
knowing that some times would be so dim;
knowing that each one would need a Way
to overcome the life of everyday,
and knowing we could not get There on our own--
that Land eternal there before His throne!
So Jesus came--the One and only Key
to be with God throughout eternity!
And the only One to KNOW each part of life:
the up and down, the grief, the joy, the strife--
He goes through it with us that we may prevail.
I have a Hope, and He WILL NOT ever fail!

Do YOU have that Hope too?  You can!  It is certainly the prayer of this writer that you will invite That Hope into your own heart!  He makes all the difference in this world...and the next!

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

"Well...It's a Battle!"

I heard those words from a very strong Christian man years ago, but I never knew their significance until I had matured a little.

Disaster strikes at any time...

tragedies also;
no person is immune from them,
no matter who you know!
For that which happens--it may be
but 'everyday' for some;
yet, unto others, it strikes fear,
and pain becomes the sum.
But God, He is aware of all
and knows the scope complete.
Amidst reports that we receive,
He stays above defeat!
And that same victory does He
avail to one and all.
He sees what is and what will be,
and listens for us to call!
And when we do, He is right there
with everything we need!
A loving Father is He, yes,
and merciful, indeed!

Has there been news that's rocked your world
and you don't understand?
Well, God is right in front of You
and holding out His hand!
His arms, they are just what you need,
His touch completely heals!
Reach our for Him, take hold of Him
and KNOW how true care feels!

Many years ago, I asked my first Sunday School teacher how he was doing.  He replied "Well, it's a battle."  In my young, innocent, immature heart I said to myself "No way.  God's got this!  What's his problem?!"  Now, years away from that, I realize that both of us were right, but I no longer ignore those red-flag words when someone tells them to me, as I have learned what kind of battle he was referring to.  Thanks, Bill.
How are YOU doing today?