Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Walking with Him Early

It is so important (in this man's life) to start my day in conversation with God.  No matter when...no matter where...He is there listening, speaking and assuring...

Before anything attempts to set the pace;

before any news attempts to hinder grace
I walk with Him.
Before 'perfection' has a chance to change,
the light is not yet over yonder range
but life's not dim!

And in the very early, on

an empty road somewhere,
Jesus Christ my God, He walks,
and we so freely share.
We talk of quite important things...
we talk of naught at all...
at times, there are not any words--
utmost is that I call!
And He comes to me in the early
just to help me start the day,
assuring me that, all day long,
with me He's gonna stay!
And not a thing will happen that
He has not seen before,
as He assures that, this new day,
He has been through before!

Yes, even you can have the same relationship!  He already knows all that your day is going to contain, why not invite Him to guide your every step and enjoy it with you?


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