Saturday, September 28, 2019

This necessary moment...

After a very busy week, a sight of such simplicity is so very welcome this afternoon...

As I pull into the driveway from

a very busy day,
a squirrel is waiting on the rail
and casts his eyes this way.
I sit here in the car until
he gets all he's there for;
he then scurries off across the yard
with quite a haul to store!

Across the street there is a tree

more tall than any word;
six feet up, there is a hole
whence come squeals barely heard;
he disappears into that hole
with his bounty new,
and duties of the day and week
so disappear from view!

Entertained by life itself

whene'er the need arise.
It is assured by God, so loving,
and so very wise!
He knows exactly what and when
to entertain this man.
I praise Him ever-constantly
for the wisdom of His plan!

God cares just as much for even YOU!  He knows the days that you go through and, if you allow Him to, He provides the perfect respite from such.
Watch for Him in places so ordinary...yet so amazing!

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