Saturday, September 21, 2019

This Haven!

After the day that I have had, I need this Perfect Place!  Do YOU know where that place is?  It's available for everyone!

"The security of being in Your palm;
the very same induces perfect calm.
In spite of situations or events,
in spite of 'feelings,' Lord, or sentiments,
You change not at all--You are secure,
and You see to it each of us endure!
Assurance--o so precious and so rare,
belongs to them that trust in Your great care!

O Lord, the value of that sweet 'belonging!'

It be a thing for which the world be longing!
It's greater than the symptoms and the pain...
it's greater than wealth that any could obtain...
it's greater far than any man could know,
and only You, such value, can bestow!
And WEALTHY be the ones that You contain!
The rest, Lord, in our prayers do they remain.

O thank You for the shelter of your palm!

For here do I compose another psalm
with Your leading and Your inspiration.
O Lord, You are the Greatest of relation!"

What a wonderful place to be!  The very palm of God's hand!  For here, I be untouchable.  He fills me, heals me and equips me for the next assignment.  Know Jesus Christ so that YOU can have such a haven as well!


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