Tuesday, September 10, 2019


There's that guy again.  Doesn't he care that other people need to park there?!  Doesn't he care what he looks like or how he's dressed for this place?!

"You park your motorcycle

most anywhere you please...
your language and tattoos, they take
away my patrons' ease...
you appear to possess no regard
for anybody's guise...
and, worse than that, I stand and judge you
with my very eyes!
None of us saw you yesterday
as you sat by the road
 changing a tire for that lady--
carrying her load;
very few saw you last week as you
listened to the sermon,
we only choose to look at you
and group you with "the vermin!"

So ride your motorcycle!  Ride it

freely, ride it proud!
And pay no heed to 'attitudes'
of this ignorant crowd!
We do not know the life you have,
we walk not in your shoes;
BUT GOD, He knows your giant heart
and, in Him, you can't lose!"

That same guy that flew past you on the road today with his hair flying in the breeze is the same guy that sits behind you in service several times a week.  Pay attention, and guard your heart from judging!  You don't always know who's been through what, and you surely don't know the many ways God uses whom He wants.


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