Monday, September 30, 2019


Creation's miracles again: Autumn!  God is so good!  None other could paint the bold and the subtle and combine them with the scents of the season...

Noticing the very movement
of His mighty hand!
He slowly waves it with such purpose
out across the land
causing colors that none other
dare to duplicate!
The seasons that His hand provides--
He is so very great!

Almost October, and the leaves
the spectrum are to know
are falling from the trees at pace
so rapid and so slow;
according to the timing set
in order before time;
giving cause for pen and paper
to capture verse and rhyme!
All while life goes on for some
who notice naught at all...
oh, but I know the miracles
of autumn and of fall!

See the wonder of the making
of His very hand
just by looking all around you
at the living land!

It only takes effort on our part to see the proof of Creator God!  Will YOU make that effort as you go about your day?  It's worth it!

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