Monday, September 16, 2019


 In one accord.  Oh, what power and prosperity does the same produce!  Look back over history and ponder what such accord has accomplished!  The same can still happen...

"One confidence--
what power to produce!
In Church, if we be one accord
what would the same induce?
For there be power in numbers, Lord,
but, more so, power IN YOU!
If we would join in heart, o God,
what would the same endue?
We KNOW that You can do all things,
we KNOW You're in control;
but lest we have one heart, o God,
we cannot be made whole!
ONE HEART--with disagreements, yes,
united, though, in YOU--
the same, for it shall overcome
and see each of us through!

One heart--united by the Blood 

that You have shed for all!
One mission--reaching out to others,
that THEY know The Call!
So be it as we advance
in the days, the days that are;
knowing, Lord, that Your return, 
it cannot be that far!"

So much to do for Him, but knowing not how much time there is to do it.  The same should induce an urgency into them that belong to Him to assure that others have the same opportunity!  It be our calling if we are saved, whoever and wherever we are!  That which we have dwelling in us is the ONLY Hope for the days that are!


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