Saturday, September 7, 2019

More simplicity

Another day.
One that seemed so busy that it was almost 'too busy!'  However, as I recline in the office and look out the window, God entertains me once more...

In the tree behind the mailbox,

ten feet up, a knot;
this one, however, is hollowed out
and squirrels it has got!
Over the past few weeks we've seen
some babies in that hole,
and right now, they are playing--
entertainment to the soul!
Who knows what network may be in
that tree so tall and wide,
but this I know: there is a home
where rodents live and hide!
And God, He uses it to
fascinate the flowing pen,
and to help this man escape
this world until then.

Each of us needs such escape
here in the days that are.
And God, He so provides such place,
and it is never far!
I know your world is filled with things
and issues that impend,
but don't ignore the breaks He brings--
you need each one, my friend!

You are busy.  I am busy.  WE are busy.  There are countless things that must be taken care of, but we must NEVER ignore those moments that God provides for us to take a breath and see Him and hear Him.  Not ever!

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