Friday, September 6, 2019

Living by sight?

...or by faith?
That which is in our sight can be overwhelming at times.  But living by faith, KNOWING that He has far more going on is the only way we are going to excel!

There is more going on than we can fathom;
His work, about our lives, may overwhelm;
but we must press on in His anointing,
KNOWING He's securely at the helm.
Victory--for it is certain in progression!
In fact, already settled is the same!
We can KNOW He has our every step so ordered,
and freely praise and glorify His Name!

Glory unto Jesus!  He is higher, greater too!
He always is aware and knows exactly what to do!
Always to accompany and guard our every way;
even when we cannot see, we only must obey!
His victory and His success are more than words can know,
(even when those words are how we prosper and we grow!)
Yes, GLORY--unto Jesus Christ--life is His very Word!
Overwhelming Him--the same, it NEVER is occurred!

Jesus Christ is in control.  In spite of spite of spite of man or situation, HE IS FAITHFUL and He takes care of His Own.  Are YOU one of them?

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