Monday, September 9, 2019

Life Unscripted

Ahh...a brand new day.  So many many many expectations.  But are they always realistic?  And whose plans are they, anyway?

"Though life may drive me into places
I don't want to be...
though I may face some tasks or duties
foreign unto me...
though I be scorned and ridiculed,
oh Father, for the same,
Your Spirit is there to minister,
and glory finds Your Name!

I may not have got done today

what I set out to do,
but what I did exceeded and
brought praise, lord, unto You!
Success I know obeying You
and THAT not of this world;
such is not always 'wealth and fame'
but 'accomplishment' unfurled!

Yea, life--it did not go quite like
I saw when I arose,
but I see You were there, in Person,
as day comes to a close;
and the world is a better place
because of what YOU'VE done
through such as we as we obeyed
the leading of Your Son!"

Yes, keep those plans and dreams.  LIVE ON PURPOSE.  But remember that You are merely a willing tool in God's hand, and He has plans that are far greater than we can understand!

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