Friday, September 20, 2019


Life is busy!  It is filled with things that we have planned...and things that we have no idea are going to happen!  Is it all good?  Of course not!  But with God in your heart, those daily speed-bumps don't jar so much, and He can help you HIS time.

"Oh God, You are involved in all

that goes on in our lives.
Somehow, in such catastrophe,
Your blessing, it arrives;
even in the every-day
in all that we go through,
no matter what the outcome is,
yet so involved are You!
The eyes--for they can't hardly see
how You could be involved,
yet, over time, the issues rising,
they are 'somehow' solved.
Even in relationships
we are joined in each day,
You know the scope of every one
and You can see the way!
Help each of us, oh God, to have
such vision and such hope!
For there are times and instances
when we think we can't cope.
BUT GOD, You have the perfect way
but even at that time--
even when solution makes
no reason or no rhyme!
O help us God!  Cause us to trust
and turn all things to You
that we could see and feel and know
the assurance that You do!"

Got a relationship somewhere in your life that is suffering or troubling?  Got a situation in your day that seems impossible?  God Most High specializes in amazing us by working all those things together for good for them that know Him and trust Him.  Do so, and KEEP PRESSING ON!

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