Tuesday, September 3, 2019

"I can't see!"

Have you ever felt that way?  Believe me, it is a real feeling.  But worse, it is a real problem to many...

"Where are You when I cannot see a thing?"
Such question, Lord, I never have to bring!
For even the way becomes unclear,
I know Your certainty and You are here!
For this assurance is not of this place.
It is developed in Your realm of grace.
And even now, as I can't see at all,
I know I'm in the center of Your Call!

But God, there are so many without such!
So very foreign to them is Your touch.
These verses, they may not even understand;
O help me guide them to Your healing hand!
For in THAT place they will be knowing of
a perfect, healing and forgiving love!
A love that matters not on any thing
that they can do or give or even bring!

And right now, in the blindness that I know,
I draw upon Your peace--abundant so--
KNOWING that it's just a temporal state,
and VICTORY--it is my very fate
because You are alive inside of me,
even when these eyes, they cannot see!
Oh thank You, Lord, for YOUR security:
the Perfect Peace that You will ALWAYS be!

It's true.  I cannot see very much right now because of eye surgery this morning.  (Thank God for spell-check!)  But there are many out there who truly do lack the vision that only Jesus can provide.  If you are one of them, call out to Him and ask Him for it!  He is more than willing and able to enlighten even you!

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Anonymous said...

My Darling boy, you see more with your heart than others do with their eyes. I love you!