Wednesday, September 11, 2019


Another sunny, peaceful, beautful day in America.  However, it has NEVER been without price...

What defines a "hero?"

Where do we find the same?
For there be plenty books and movies
whence some make the claim.
But life--it is reality,
and heroes DO exist;
and as we go from day to day
they are all about our midst:
that one with badge that's running in
when a crime is found...
that one with hat, arriving when
a place seems so unsound...
that 'average neighbor' being there
reaching out his hand...
ANYONE who offers help--
together do we band!
And "hero" be that one rebuilding
normalcy to life
when anything occurs inducing
pain or grief or strife!
Today do we recall so many
with honor and gratitude,
and thanks to God for placing them--
invisibly or viewed!
We honor them with silence...
we honor them with celebration...
for without doing so, we be
a very lesser nation!

Today be a day of solace; today be a day of remembrance; today be a day of honor for all of those who rush(ed) in when disaster strikes.  Make sure this day does not pass in your life without a time of reflection on all the heroes that responded on 9/11, and those who did not live to see 9/12.  God bless each one of them!

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