Monday, September 23, 2019

Here comes His touch again!

Look around.  MAKE the time to notice His handiwork as you tend to your busy schedule.  It won't affect your progress, but it will affect your heart!

"Seasons, once again, begin to show;
so grand and glorious is Autumn Glow!
The beauty of it, Lord, You so arrange,
yet You, Yourself, o Lord, You never change!
Your mercies, they are newer every day;
yet ever shall we trust Your constant way!
You are consistent in a world that's not,
and so fortunate that we, Your love, have got!

No matter what this may say or do,

o God, we KNOW we can depend on You!
And, though so beautiful some changes be,
none can match Your glorious majesty!
You were, You are and ever You shall be;
so proven to us, Lord, so constantly
if we but only open up our eyes--
the wonderment of You to realize!"

Notice God today.  In some areas, He has his paintbrush in hand and his palette is so abundant!  All you have to do is pay attention!

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