Saturday, September 14, 2019


There is so much happening in this world...and it's not all good!  However, God is also happening constantly in this world and beyond, AND HE IS GOOD!  He also has some wonderful, settled promises...
Wickedness shall NEVER overcome;
evil--it shall NEVER be the sum!
For God is good, and there's no greater power,
regardless what's occurring at the hour!
For attitudes in life, they vary so;
and diversity is every heart to know;
but 'goodness' is instilled before all life
as God existed before any strife!

Press on, and weary not in doing well
even if nobody else can tell,
even when life 'seems' to fall apart,
hear and heed Him dwelling in the heart!
For God--He has not given up on you,
regardless what THIS world attempts to do!
He loves, He trusts, He wants you to believe!
And greatness would He have you to achieve!

Wickedness and evil--not the end.
If you are His, success will be your end!
In spite of that which happens all around,
stand firm in Jesus Christ--you will be sound!
For in this world He is the ONLY Way
to survive and to abound each day!
The enemy may 'appear' to so abound,
but Omnipresent God--He's all around!

HOPE.  Jesus Christ is THE Hope and Assurance in this insecure world.  No matter what you see or hear or feel, Almighty God is aware of ALL and He has already prevailed!  CLING TO THAT!!

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