Sunday, September 8, 2019

God So Loves!

Yes, God so loves us ever-constantly!  We are so fortunate and blessed to have such love, AND to be able to give it away...KNOWING it is an endless fount!

"For God so loves..." there be no limit

to His adoration!
His love depends not on a stance
or denomination!
His love transcends all classes,
limitations, even time!
No title I may hold shall sway,
regardless of the climb!

"For God so loves..." Yes, even YOU

are in His loving care!
For there are things He asks of us
but love WILL NOT despair!
Even if I shun Him, running
fast the other way,
His love--it will be waiting there
receiving come-what-may.

"For God so loves..." in patience as
we press toward The Goal,
applying His Word as we go--
so nourishing the soul!
And affecting even those
we contact everywhere...
"For God so loves the world He gives..."
so take it and freely share!

Yes, take the love of God that is alive in you in Jesus and share it with all the world!  They are starving for it!  They might reject you?  So what!  They even rejected Him.  But they will still be affected by your sharing!

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