Sunday, September 29, 2019


Putting on a front.  People can be masters at it!  Some have reasons.  Others have mere excuses.  There is One Place, however, where no front is necessary.  God knows everything.  Therefore, in His Presence, we can be who we are in all of our pain or imperfections, and He understands completely and continues to love us perfectly!

I may 'look' fine, but some pain can't be seen...
Do you know me well?
I press on through and minister as led;
for God Himself can tell.
His sustenance and touch enable this,
and He rewards;
for when the task is done and it is time
His love affords!
And restoration comes from Him,
His touch is so deep;
His arms and his secure embrace,
they securely keep!
For He knows the pain so completely,
and He understands;
and the perfect love that He provides,
it has no demands!

There is no other love like He possesses;

and, mercifully, with that great love He so blesses!

There are so many around us suffering or going through things they never talk about.  Pressing on.  Some wear it well.  Others do not.  BUT GOD understands it all and His grace suffices!  Be yourself wherever you are...more people care than you may think!

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