Wednesday, September 18, 2019


Aaaahhh….finally, a day of rest with NOTHING on the schedule, pending or expected.  It's been awhile this time, but I know just what to do...

Another 'salt-and-pepper' day,

the sun goes in and out...
the surface of the sprawling lake,
a wake it is without...
but the colors that are glowing
in the summer heat
so inspire, yet again, 
and make the scene complete!
And Him Who is Creator of
but everything in sight
is walking with the writer and
We're laughing with delight!
He's blest me with a sweet repose,
yet once more from 'the grind,'
that I may catch my breath again,
His perfect peace to find!
The 'situations' yet exist
of which He is aware,
but He provides these blessed times
when there is not a care!

The same does He avail to all
who give to Him their trust.
For there be ample time for cares 
and trials to be discussed;
but there MUST be time at times when we
can set it all aside
and savor precious moments with Him--
our hearts be satisfied!

Sometimes, we must MAKE that time--
consciously deciding
to escape the issues, His
sweet Presence then inviting!
He knows what is, He knows what was,
and He knows what will be!
MAKE that time, therefore, for Him
to share so joyously!

Life is busy.  No matter who or where you are, there is so much to do.  And I know too many folks who find a time like this and scramble to fill it with a list of __________.  However, God has a plan for this time also.  And HIS plan, sometimes, involves doing NOTHING AT ALL so we can catch our breath!  Can YOU handle that?

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