Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Celebration Ever!

Yes, that will be the reward of them that have Jesus in their hearts and persevere through the days that are!  Are you one of them?  It won't be an easy road until then, however.

While celebration happens in

the land where I reside,
persecution goes on elsewhere,
from which they can't hide...

While we sit down to dine and 

celebrate with guests and friends,
somebody somewhere looks for food
by rifling through bins...

While I get in in my car and go

unto my steady job,
another tries to meet their needs
deciding who to rob...

This life contains disparities

that differentiate,
oh, but there is a Life beyond where ALL
will only know what's great!
Yes, there is a HEAVEN God has made
and promised to His own--
and YOU are one of them if,
by Jesus' Blood, you're known!
No suffering at all will be 
there in that Perfect place;
only good and perfect things
provided by His Grace!
O be ye one of them today
by giving Him your heart!
Healing, grace and perfect peace,
to you, will He impart!
And you will come to know that wonder
you can share with all!
You only must say "Yes!" to His lead
when he comes to call!

Perfection awaits.  Celebration goes on even now!  It will not be in this life.  That's proven to us on a daily basis!  Oh, but The Promise remains, and His Call is available to EVERYONE!

Don't ignore it!

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