Thursday, September 5, 2019

Beyond the Noise

Each of us are busy each day in one way or another...or in many ways!  That sometimes becomes tumultuous, chaotic and noisy.  For some, it is a necessary part of the day.  But God provides a place for each of us, no matter how busy, to relax and listen.

"You're with me, matter not the day

or what it may contain;
the outcome of it, unto You,
it is already plain;
For I must only keep on moving,
knowing Your control,
and I will come to evening
accomplished and still whole.

So many things accomplishing,
(and some not even known!)
for it is my reality
because I am Your Own.
I give what I can give, my God,
and You do all the rest;
so do I remain upright,
so become I blessed!

So blessed to be a conduit,
oh God, for Your own use!
'There is nothing I can do'
cannot be an excuse!
And there will NEVER be too much
to hinder time with You!
The benefit, Lord, of 'belonging'
to such a God as You!"

Trouble is, some of us get caught up 'in the noise' and refuse to take that special time He offers to us to escape.  That can be detrimental.  Don't ignore it!


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