Thursday, September 19, 2019

Angels all around!

God Most High is so generous and caring, loving each of us so much that He sends His ministering angels to us...most of the time without us even knowing or thinking about it...

Angels are abounding

and all about this life!
Each one is on a mission,
regardless of the strife!
And even as we celebrate
they join us each in song!
His angels are abundant and
they know where they belong!

Angels on assignment--they are
all about this place!
God Most High, provides them out of
His abundant grace.
He KNOWS that we have need of them,
He knows our every need;
and due His wisdom absolute 
we ever shall succeed!

O but focus on Him and His Son
as we press on ahead;
as long as we stay in His Word
we shall be Spirit-led;
and 'success,' it shall become our sum
for each and every day!
For in His grace alone He's placed
those angels on The Way!

Yes, angels abound.  But be ever careful not to focus on them and ignore Jesus and His Word.  He is a 'package deal,' and we must be vigilant and purposeful in our service to Him!


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