Monday, September 2, 2019

Always known by HIM!

Life happens.  Continually.  And there are times when that 'life' has no concern at all what it may do to whomever.  BUT GOD is well aware of it all, and He loves you so much that He is right there beside us through it all...

"Of all I know of You, YOU ARE SO GOOD!
By You, alone, I'm fully understood.
You know all situations in my days
and, still, You give me cause to give You praise!

Though very few may see or understand,

I'm certain of the moving of Your hand!
You cause all things to work, Lord, for my good;
and I give You praise at ALL I should!

The world's eyes cannot see nor understand.

BUT GOD, so evident is Your great hand!
I may be offered ways, but Yours excel;
to serve You ever would my heart compel!

I may not understand what's in my sight.

Regardless, Lord, in YOU will I delight!
And I may not have the words for what I feel,
but, to You, there is no thing I must reveal!"

God knows me.  Jesus absolutely has everything that concerns this man already figured out...even when I cannot even find words to express it!  He listens.  But, greater, He responds with exactly what is needed.  ALWAYS!


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