Sunday, September 22, 2019


How very painful that one word can be!  How very desperate one can get when feeling such!  BUT GOD has ASSURED us that we are NEVER alone, regardless what our 'feelings' tell us.

'All by myself---but even in a crowd...'
'the sound of silence rings so very loud!'
'Nobody is around who understands...'
'I grasp for love--but bare I find my hands!'

Those sentences above are blatant lies!
But, for too many, it's a life they realize.
Is there someone in your life who feels the same?
Is that 'somebody' called by your own name?
I know THIS writer has been there before.
So I am certain that, out there, there are more!
My friend, believe me, you are NOT alone!
There is a God Almighty on His throne,
and He is also right there at your side
inviting you to, in HIS love, abide!
He has everything you may be longing for,
Reach out to Him.  Your very heart outpour!
He will fill it with love, and tools to use
so that 'loneliness' no longer may abuse!
He will put people in and around your life
to help you battle the torment and the strife
and cause you to obtain His victory,
but you must let Him in to reign so free!

Loneliness is real.  Loneliness is painful.  'Loneliness' doesn't have to be, however, as Jesus Christ WANTS you and desires to be with you!  Let Him into your heart, my friend.  He will change your entire being!  And let others in, as well.  More people care about than you can ever imagine!

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