Monday, August 19, 2019

YOUR resolve!

There is so much peace in KNOWING that God is in control.  It doesn't mean that everything is going to go our way, but when it does not He provides peace and patience in the assurance that He already has everything settled.
Can you handle that?

Looking far beyond the sight

that dares attempt to daunt...
seeing victory when defeat
would parade and flaunt...
KNOWING Him to Whom each step
belongs upon The Way;
it keeps us moving forward THROUGH
the challenges each day!

Whoever said a perfect path

would be once we are saved
missed what He said when He described
just how the road is paved!
But He leaves us not Comfortless
as we press on ahead:
His Holy Spirit girts us and
protects us as we're led!
Therefore does joy exist even
amidst the roughest storm!
We must focus on HIS goal and,
to HIS ways, conform!
For therein lies the victory
to carry each man through--
Jesus Christ alone be praised
and God gets honor due!

We MUST resolve to press on, my friends, not in our strength, but the strength that never wanes or wavers--the strength of God through Jesus Christ inside of us!


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