Sunday, August 18, 2019

Your Direction

"I can't 'feel' it..."  "It's not happening here..."  "There must be more than this..."

Have you ever found yourself saying this to yourself or aloud as you serve the Lord?  I surely have!  But guess what?  He's not going to act or react the way that we expect Him to!  Yes, He is dependable.  But the same God "that changes not" is also the same God with "mercies that are new every morning!"

"O Lord, we make ourselves avail
our wills and our desires;
we lay aside agendas, Lord,
desiring YOUR fires!
In submission to The Spirit,
wait we for Your Word
KNOWING, as we do so, that
You'll certainly be heard!

That sweet assurance that we know--

once more it will be found
if we but settle heart and mind
and listen for Your sound!
That one direction that is right
our spirits will receive
if we reject impatience and
stay with You and not leave!

The 'running-here-and-there,' oh Lord,

to find the latest 'thing'
is NOT what You have purposed for
the children of the King!
So, Lord, do we avail and wait
here in your glory realm
knowing You are in control,
and that You keep the helm!"

Stand firm.  Stay the course.  The path in front of you and your surroundings may be uncomfortable, BUT GOD knows exactly where you are, what is going on, and HE will lead you where you are supposed to be.  Yes, He cares THAT much.  Yes, He is THAT faithful...even to you!


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