Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Under a microscope

So it may feel some days.  And so it is...because He told us it would be!  But He promised to provide the tools to press on to HIS success, rather than cave to the world's definition of it!

I must make every effort, every day,

(and not in strength my own,)
to assure the deeds and works
so match the words I've sown.
For words become forgotten when
some actions are beheld;
for by the same, some of the mightiest
of men have been so felled!
And we are watched so closely these days,
(and that not by choice!)
The things we do, the way we act--
each of them have a voice;
therefore, belonging to The one
Whose very Name is love,
I must do my best to represent Him--
Jesus Christ above!
For scrutinizing is a sport
in which most participate;
and that which I may do or say,
it just may decide their fate!

We do not have a choice, (the ones
who know and serve the Lord;)
for we are watched so closely in
a world where we're deplored.
BUT GOD, for He has placed us here
as proof of grace, mercy and love;
and He will tell us of our effects
when we join Him way up above!

Yes, this world may be travelling at an incomprehensible pace the other way, but we must keep pressing forward, however narrow the way may be, so that hope will stay alive.

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