Saturday, August 10, 2019

The Storm Afar

Steeled by the sight so far off in the east.  Knowing what is coming and what it may contain, but amazed at the sight and spectacle of such...

So far off in the distance

a storm is on display.
The majesty of his creation
begs for words to say!
The billows soar into the blue
with colors all below!
As I witness such, His Presence
is right here to know!
So much to do before it comes
has been set by the way
as, His Presence and His voice,
take precedence this day!
The glory and the majesty,
simplicity and calm,
assure the heart, yet once again
that, massive, be His palm!
And that same palm secures, whatever
may come of the storm;
His touch, His eyes, His very words
to comfort and transform!

No matter where the storm may be
His Presence is right here!
And His protection is complete--
no matter how severe!
And right now, His glory and His awe
is right before the eyes!
Make time to behold His mighty hand--
what grace to realize!

Every one of us faces a storm at one time or another.  Some are devastating, some are awe-inspiring, but I have found that all of them are life giving and provide growth in one way or another.
Fear not.  He rides on the wings of the storm!!

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