Saturday, August 17, 2019

The Possibilities!

Oh, the possibilities that exist as we allow the love of God and life to shine through us!  What affect could it have on YOUR day?

All the day so busy we
with this, that and the other.
We tend unto our needs and wants
alongside wary brother.
What is it that we say to them,
(most often, without word?)
In busyness is life and love
established or transferred?
Like it or not, we're being watched
in what we say and do.
Watched by ones yet seeking for
their own lives what to do!
They MUST find lasting hope and joy 
in them that are His own,
as temporary, in this life,
both hope and joy are known!

O wear that countenance that says
"Whatever be ahead,
I am secure in Jesus Christ
and I am Spirit-led!"
It may not always go the way
that perfect life may go,
but, at least, the Maker of Life,
personally, you know!

Yes, so many people are looking...watching....seeking...even groping for something secure that will give the hope.  We have Him residing in our hearts.  But if our very countenance says otherwise, they will just keep on looking...hoping...seeking...

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