Sunday, August 11, 2019


Watching the world around us...realizing how blessed we are, and just how much the enemy hates it!  There is, however, a promise to which we may cling in the days that are...

What man be there with any clue

of that awaiting us?
For many be the arguments
over which divisions fuss!
But such is not to be as HE
said "It is Paradise!"
May our hearts desire that time
and let His Word suffice.

Anticipating that Day while we
press on with resolve;
making every effort,
every issue, to resolve.
For many are the factors that
may seek to so divide,
BUT GOD gives us ability
to prosper and abide!

That Day that is awaiting and
The place where we will be--
for it will be enjoyable
throughout eternity
IF we know Him as our Savior
and give Him our heart;
o may we do so constantly
and let no issue part!

Yes, we live in the land of the free and we savor liberties that most of the world only yearns for, but we cannot allow our liberties to divide us, lest we find ourselves conquered by the same, and embezzled out of a Land of Promise just ahead!

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